Why Short Hair is a Better Choice

In this video hairdresser Rudolph from Amsterdam demonstrates a beautiful long to short hair makeover. The video is a perfect example of how a shorter hairstyle can completely refresh and improve a person’s appearance. The model walks in with a long, one-length hairstyle that is completely ordinary and won’t make anyone sit up and take notice. Once the stylist is done with her, you instantly notice that the shorter hair makes her beautiful face stand out in bright contrast. The short stacked bob showcases the profile of the model’s striking face while also complementing her oval shaped face structure. The shorter hair automatically refreshes her naturally blonde hair and intensifies the subtle, very light highlights around her face.

The stylist starts the cut by sectioning off the very bottom section of hair that will be the weight line of the haircut, as well as serve as a guide line for the ensuing sections. He sections the rest of the hair by creating a middle parting, and clipping the hair rest of the hair into sections that handle easily and effectively. He cuts the weight line just below the hair line along the nape of the model’s neck, which means that the neck line will be showcased perfectly when the cut is completed. The stylist continues to layer the back part of the bob to add dimension and movement to the back of the stacked bob.

The hair line from the earlobe to the chin is angled very slightly to the front, so that the hair appears longer at the front and short at the back. The hair on the top part of the head and especially around the face is noticeably longer than the hair at the back. This ensures a short hairstyle that is still soft and feminine, while maximizing easy styling and manageability. The stylist completes the look by very slightly thinning out only the very tips of the style.

The model is visibly excited and animated while the transformation is in process. It’s obvious that the stylist places high value on creative details and impeccable precision, while his straight forward and clean cut cutting techniques exhibits his extensive experience and artistic professionalism. When the cut is completed, you can clearly see that the model is openly impressed and thoroughly thrilled with the huge change in her appearance.

You can actually see how the stylist evaluates her facial structure and features, while also taking her hair type, color and texture into consideration as she walks onto the platform. The style he chooses for her is perfect, as it makes the most of her fine and straight blonde hair. The stacked bob suits her oval face perfectly, while opening up the striking features of her beautiful face; such as her piercingly blue eyes and attractive jaw line.

Before and after haircut

You’ll often see this kind of hairstyle on the catwalks, as the clean cut and structured haircut puts exaggerated emphasis on the clothing that the model is wearing. The clean lines of the hairstyle compliment simple, structured lines of the outfit that the model is wearing. The closed, smooth and high collared white blouse ensures maximized focus on her haircut due to minimized exposure of skin. This is a perfect above the collar hairstyle to make the best of your button front blouse.