Wash and Go Hair

This before and after video by Haircoif shows us two makeovers for wash and go hair. Many are dreaming of a low maintenance wash & go hairstyle and this video shows us two options.

First of all the Spanish model Elena gets her hair cut into a short pixie with buzzed sides and a buzzed nape. A very short yet still very feminine hairstyle with longer top hair. Combine it with a buttoned up shirt collar and a blazer and you have a look that turns heads!

Then Elena goes back to the hairdresser’s chair and off comes the top hair! Her hair is super short allover now. True wash and go hair. Wash, comb it and you’re ready to go! Pair this very short hair with pretty earrings and a feminine dress to make a fashion statement!

wash and go hair
Wash and go hair by Haircoif