Vanessa Pilon – Hair Transformation

Change can be a beautiful thing, especially when it comes to your hair. This must be what Vanessa Pilon thought when she went through some drastic hair changes the past couple of years. Vanessa is a Canadian TV host and comedian.  She changed her hair from very long to a bob and then even a courageous head shave to raise money for charity. Vanessa looked great with each style and maybe these transformations will inspire you to do something new and more daring with your own hair. And remember … hair grows back. Don’t be afraid to get that extra inch cut!

Brunette Vanessa Pilon with long hair and blunt cut bangs.

Vanessa Pilon with long hair and blunt bangs

Vanessa with blonde shoulder length hair and side bangs.

Vanessa Pilon's shoulder length hairstyle

In this video Vanessa announces that she will take part in Défi Têtes Rasees and get her head shaved to raise money for charity. Her head shave will be within two months but for fun she already has the nape of her neck shorn into an undercut.

Vanessa Pilon with her undercut nape hair

Vanessa got her hair cut shorter in a bob and is talking about her upcoming charity head shave for Défi Têtes Rasées, which will be 28 days later.

Vanessa Pilon wearing her hair in a bob

April 28th, 2016 … the day of Vanessa Pilon’s charity head shave for Défi Têtes Rasées. Shortly before going bald she cut her hair in a smooth chin length bob with short bangs.

Vanessa Pilon's charity head shave for Défi Têtes Rasees

Vanessa with super short buzzed hair. A gorgeous look with those big hoop earrings!

Vanessa Pilon with buzzed hair


Vanessa Pilon’s hair has grown a little already and she’s sporting a super short pixie now. We are looking forward to her upcoming styles when she grows her hair out!

Vanessa Pilon with her hair in a very short pixie