TOP HAIR Trend & Fashion Days

The TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf drawing to a close on Monday have impressively confirmed their top position among hairdressers’ events in Germany. Over the two and a half days 31,000 trade visitors came here to be inspired by 400 exhibitors and brands in hair cosmetics and enthusiastically welcomed the top-notch programme featuring top international artists. “For three days the exhibition halls in Düsseldorf turn into the biggest hairdressing salon in Europe. The TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf are the trendsetter of the industry. The versatile and high-quality ranges on display as well as the unique combination of trade fair, shows, workshops and congress go down extremely well with both exhibitors and visitors. The hairdresser’s sector has truly found its home here in Düsseldorf,” rejoiced Director Helmut Winkler.

latest hairstyles
The latest hairstyles at the TOP HAIR Trend & Fashion Days. Photo: TOP HAIR International

Once again the TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf convinced the audience with a glamorous show programme. The traditional highlight was the Saturday evening whose motto this year was “An Evening in Gold”. The energetic kick-off featuring Sebastian Böhm und Jean-Luc Minetti’s brilliant show for Alexandre de Paris, probably the world’s most elegant hairstylist, was “crowned” by the exclusive live concert by Frida Gold. Rolf Wilms, General Manager of TOP HAIR International GmbH and publisher of the magazine of the same name, was thoroughly satisfied: “We are happy beyond belief with the presentations staged by the artists here and the entire organisation of the trade fair. We are delighted at the wealth of enthused feedback from both exhibitors and visitors. This event has developed into a national trendsetting event over the past eight years and one which is also unrivalled on a European level. We are very proud of this incomparable blend of trade fair, entertainment, show and technical information,” Wilms explained. The atmosphere and professional setting also went down very well with visitors.

short hairstyles by Keller the school
Short hairstyles by Keller the school. Photo: TOP HAIR International

The high-quality trade fair provides a complete market overview of products, furnishing, consumables and services exclusive to hairdressers with a clear separation between order and cash-and-carry segments – something that is highly appreciated by visitors.

A total of 160 practice-focused presentations on the three core themes Cut, Colour and Styling were staged on the popular workshop stages. Here many international celebrities from the sector like Marlies Möller, Bärbel Hopf, Jesus Sanchez, Alexander Dinter, TOM|Co, JeanLuc Paris and Thorsten Hussfeldt, to name but a few, performed as artists once again conveying plenty of panache and elegance this year.

“Our show events are so spectacular because the artists masterly fuse artistic and creative elements. Our trade fair visitors not only wish to buy but also expect to be well entertained. I think we have managed this pretty well,” delights Rolf Wilms. On the show stage visitors watched fantastic stagings by Tim Hartley and Mark Leeson of Five Point Alliance, by Keller the school, the Goldwell Color Zoom Team feat. Mario Krankl, KMS California and icono Academy Berlin. A special highlight was most definitely the international collection premiere by Sassoon, presented in Düsseldorf for the first time now.

pixie cut for blonde hair
Pixie cut for blonde hair by Kertu. Photo: TOP HAIR International

At the constantly well-attended congress such high-calibre speakers as Daniela Ben Said, Anitra Eggler, Wolf Davids and Regina Först shared entrepreneurial subjects with visitors such as marketing, salon management or personal development while Monday came under the heading “Career and Training” with workshops and the “Cut Factory” focusing on interactive, hands-on offers especially for salon employees.

Cutting a short hairstyle with bangs
Cutting a short hairstyle with bangs at the Kertu workshop. Photo: TOP HAIR International
bob with a longer nape section
Cutting a bob with a longer nape section at the Kertu workshop. Photo: TOP HAIR International
pixie cut with short angled bangs
Pixie with short angled bangs at the Sassoon Creative Team workshop. Photo: TOP HAIR International
pixie for straight hair with above the eyebrows bangs
Pixie for smooth and shiny straight hair. Featuring dual hair coloring and just above the eyebrows bangs. Created at the Sassoon Creative Team workshop. Photo: TOP HAIR International
short blonde bob with slanted bangs
Short blonde bob created at the Sassoon Creative Team workshop. Cut in between chin length and lip length and featuring slanted bangs. Photo: TOP HAIR International
short and long hairstyles
Short and long hairstyles created by Icono academy. Photo: TOP HAIR International
short hairstyle with asymmetrical cutting
Short hairstyle with asymmetrical cutting lines. One bare ear and one ear covered by hair. Created by Petrelli. Photo: TOP HAIR International/Thomas Fedra.
cutting hair short
Short hair cutting at the D. Machts School for Goldwell workshop. Photo: TOP HAIR International/Dr. Jan Kobel.
verys hort hairstyle with dual coloring
Very short hairstyle with dual hair coloring by Keller the School. Photo: TOP HAIR International
Women's hairstyle for long red hair with bangs
Long red hair with wavy styling and straight bangs by KMS California. Photo: TOP HAIR International
trendy short hairstyles
Trendy short hairstyles by Sebastian Böhm. Photo: TOP HAIR International/Henning von Rochow.
cut bangs
Tim Hartley cutting a bob with bangs. Photo: TOP HAIR International
shaved hair design
Shaved hair design with clipper cutting techniques demonstrated by Alex Kübler & Wahl. Photo: TOP HAIR International/Egbert Krupp.

The next TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf will be held from Saturday to Monday, 16 to 18 March 2013.