On Stage Hair Cutting

Music, fun, excitement, capes, scissors and a lot of hair on the stage floor! Hair shows bring together creative minds, demonstrate new cutting techniques, feature new hairstyles collections and much more! Hair models participate in hair shows and get their hair cut. Below are a few remarkable hair show videos.

Video 1: Giorgio Montagna cutting hair at Alfaparf Milano. The performance includes a beautiful long hair tow short angled bob makeover.

Long hair model before cutting

Smiling hair model before going short

Long hair just before the cutting begins

Short angled bob haircut

Hair models on stage

Video 2: Presentation of the OfAIR Omotesando hair trends at the Yoyogi National Stadium.

Haidresser holding long hair just before cutting it off

Asian hair model

Asian hair

Pixie cut for Asian hair

Asian model with long hair before cutting it off

Asian model after chopping her long hair off

Video 3: Maurizio Serretti for Uki International at Cosmoprof Bologna

Long hair before cutting it shorter

Cutting long hair off

Long hair styling by a short haired hairdresser

Hairdressers and hair models on stage

Video 4: L’Oréal Professional Ambassador hair show with Alexandre de Paris.

Hair show models walking towards the cutting chairs

Hair models before cutting their hair

Hair models after cutting their hair off

Cutting long hair into a bob

hair model with her new short hair

Video 5: Cobella hosts a Selective show in Italy.

Nervous hair model

Cut nape hair in a V-shape

Freshly cut short hair

Cut hair short at the nape

Short hair models after their hair transformation

Video 6: Peter Hartmann for Paul Mitchell. Three different haircuts in seven minutes on the same model!

Model with her long hair before the cut

Woman bending backwards while getting her hair cut

Hair model getting a side shave on stage

Smiling model during her haircut

hair model with her newly cut short hair