Primary Hairstyles Collection by Saco

Short women's hair with buzzed sides

London Creative Directors Richard Ashforth and Charmaine Piche will be demonstrating the latest designer hairstyles collection Primary though a series of lectures and hands on work in Montreal. If you weren’t able to make it to the London Alternative Hair Show, this is a great opportunity to see the international talent in Montreal.

There’s a seminar on November 10th 2009 and there are hands on classes on November 11th and 12th 2009. Visit the Saco Hair website for more details.

Saco is a new hairdressing salon, spa and hair school based in London’s Covent Garden and Montreal’s Notre Dame West. Offering hairdressing education and seminars and contemporary hair styling.

Smooth short hair with short bangs

Modern pixie for red hair

Short hairstyle with bangs

Nose length bob haircut

About the collection: Primary is designed to illustrate a purity of shape discipline of technique. The hairstyles collection is inspired by the New Wave movement of the late 70s & early 80s. Post-punk artists in the UK, US & Germany led the way towards a new no-frills approach to the arts. This anti-pop culture reflected the bleak horizons of the times, producing dark and sombre visions which embraced new technologies and simplified structures.