Pixie Transformations

Becky (aka Whip or Whippy Cake) loves pixies and she’s very good at cutting them. She went pixie herself in 2011 and she’s the ring leader of #PixieParade. We love the pixie makeovers by Whippy Cake!

Are you ready to take the pixie plunge? Let these pixie makeover videos convince you. All it takes is some courage, a fashion minded attitude, a visit to the salon and … chop chop … you are a member of the pixie parade. Pixies are furn and once you go pixie you might never want to go long again!

Pixie haircut makeover

Michele wanted to get her hair cut shorter, into a longer pixie. Whip keeps her bangs and sideburns a bit longer. She cuts Michel’s hair a little bit shorter in the back and a lot shorter with texture in the top section.

Long to pixie makeover haircut

Lisa is very excited about cutting off all her hair. Her hair is thick and wavy and Whip opted for a longer pixie or faux pixie. The pixie cut accentuates her cute personality and we simply love it! Note how the pixie makes her blouse collar and necklace stand out better. This pixie is not too short and easy to style and change.

Long straight hair to pixie makeover

Claire wanted to cut her long hair and donate it to Pantene Beautiful lengths. Her long to short transformation is refreshing and the makeover actually makes her look a lot younger. Claire never had her hair pixie short before and she was very excited about the haircut.

Shoulder length hair to pixie transformation

Kara had been wanting to cut her hair in a pixie for 2 years. When the perfect opportunity presented itself she let pixie genius Whip do the job. Kara’s hair is very thick and really straight. Whip thinned her hair out a lot and texturized it to give it some texture and movement.

Long hair to pixie cut makeover

Elissa got rid of almost 8 inches of hair length and her new pixie haircut looks stunning. It makes her look young and edgy. The after looks way better than before and Elissa really didn’t need all that long hair!

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