Partner Look

Partner look

Looking Perfect Together: To Match or Not to Match Your Partner’s Look?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more notable when you see a couple who are obviously out on a date and one has obviously gone to much more effort than the other. If she’s in a cute, trendy cocktail dress and he’s wearing jeans and tennis shoes, the couple is obviously going to draw the wrong kind of attention. However, there’s a time and place for being a “matched set” and you have to be careful when and how you go about it.

Generally speaking, dressing alike loses its charm unless you happen to be identical twins or are in your teens. Of course, if you are going to activities that have specific “uniforms” or dress codes (such as tennis togs, wedding party attire, formal dances and the like) dressing alike would be expected. But on the whole, you want to carefully consider any situation where you are tempted to dress all matchy-matchy.

Now, this isn’t to say that coordinating dress can’t be done properly and tastefully, but there are some guidelines that should be followed. The first of these is that when you want to dress alike, you should consider sticking to the same “mode” of dress as opposed to selecting identical garments. In other words, choose to dress in jeans and tees or casual pullovers in order to match, without choosing exact copies of the clothing. This can also apply to choosing sweaters – her in a buttoned Cardigan and him in a cable-knit pullover or the like.

Another option is to go monochromatic with your coordination. That means that instead of choosing clothing in identical colors, pick a color and choose shades of that color. For instance, he might choose a crimson dress shirt with a dark trouser and jacket, while she opts for a dress in scarlet. By selecting the same color family, without exact matching of the colors you can unify your looks without seeming obvious.

Choosing these less-obvious means of coordinating one’s clothing allows you to create a more sophisticated means of dressing alike. This will allow you to look as though you belong together without seeming to be following a uniform.