Lunchtime Makeovers

Hair color makeover

Fabulous hair color in minutes!

Racoon recently launched their new theme of “lunchtime makeovers,” using their great new product Micro Weft. The idea is to get gorgeous hair that has more volume and length, all within five minutes time.

Raccoon Micro Weft The company offers their new color line in five minutes with seven different shades of color. The shades that are available include Plum, Peacock Blue, Flame Red, Dark Red, Purple Haze, Rich Mahogany, and Copper. These are colors that have attitude.

The message of the product is great color without the need to skin test or commit to the color. The shades are color fast and true and with salon care can last for months if desired.

The Micro Weft hair extensions are made with natural, human hair. The extensions are soft to touch and have a great glossy look. The best part is that a whole head of the extensions can be applied in under 45 minutes, perfect for that hour long lunch break.

The Micro Weft is nearly invisible to the naked and extremely comfortable to wear. They are easy to remove by a stylist and can be reused.

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