Long to Short Hair Makeovers

Did you ever consider cutting your hair short but kept changing your mind and chickened out? You’re not alone. Long to short hair makeovers are fun but only a few are brave enough to go for it. The change is drastic and irreversible and this is what makes it such a challenge. Below are fun long to short transformations that will make you want to grab the scissors and try out stunning new hairstyles. Enjoy!

Makeover from long hair to clipper cut short
Hair by Breezydoeshair – AL.KA.LI Salon in Santa Ana – View on Instagram

Long hair meets clippers. Who could ever expect that this young lady would have the courage to cut her hair this short? She’s making a true fashion statement with her drastic makeover and her new look will certainly make her stand out from the crowd. Her clipper cut nape and side are awesome!

Long hair to pixie makeover
Hair by LizRim at IGK HAIR in New York City – View on Instagram

This lady is all smiles after her Audrey Hepburn inspired pixie makeover. She has every reason to be happy with her new look. We love the feathery sideburns that caress her beautiful ears. Very cute! It’s very refreshing to see her attractive neckline that was previously hidden by her long hair.

Transformation from plain long hair into a trendy pixie
Hair by Rachel hair Design in Exton, Pennsylvania – View on Instagram

Long and plain girl next door hair transformed into a super trendy asymmetrical pixie! The difference between the before and after photos is amazing. You can hardly believe that this is the same lady. This makeover is a perfect illustration of how a few scissor snips can bring out the best of your beauty. Don’t be afraid to let your hairdresser use clippers for that super exciting finishing touch!

New short haircut and hair on the floor
Hair by Brittany Rosales – View on Instagram

One moment you have long hair on your head and minutes later it’s in the bin! Just imagine how different and how much lighter it makes you feel. Chopping your long hair off can be a lot of fun. It will not only make you look different but it will make you feel different as well. It’s pretty clear that this young lady loves her new short haircut. This is a beautiful pixie with cute little hairs that caress her neck. Her low collared blouse makes her hair look even shorter and her neck more swan-like.

Makeover from long hair to a razor cut pixie
Hair by Ashley Engram at ReNú Hair Studio in East Hampton, Connecticut – View on Instagram

Long hair and a razor are not always a good combination, unless you are ready to jump right into a major chop. A skilled hairdresser won’t need a lot of time to turn long hair into short with a razor. Once she starts razoring there is no way back and before you know most of your hair is on the salon floor. This lady’s pixie cut is definitely an improvement. The layers and the long bangs leave a lot of styling options.

Long to pixie makeover
Hair by Melissa at hair Designs Inc. in Poughkeepsie, New York – View on Instagram

We love this long to pixie makeover! While the long hair dragged her face down the short cut opens up her face and makes her look happier and younger. This young lady lost a lot of hair length but it was more than worth it. This is a very good cut for her with layers and a little extra length in the nape.

Girl's hair cut short in a barbershop
Hair by men’s hair specialist Mikey – View on Instagram

Sometimes girls do go to a men’s hair specialist. This is usually the adventurous type of girl who is open minded and ready to try new things. When you have long hair and have the guts to walk into a barbershop then you know that you will have to leave behind a lot of hair. This long to short makeover is more than stunning. The short undercut hair brings out her face really well.

Pixie makeoverwith short nape hair
Hair by Stephanie Hazell at Soon Beauty Lab in New York City – View on Instagram

This lady looks very self-confident and ready for a pixie makeover. It’s always nice to see how someone takes the plunge from long hair straight to pixie short without in between cuts. You get so much more fun out of your makeover when you go for a drastic change. Just imagine all those surprised faces! Her nape hair was cut pretty short and this really suits the side profile of her face.

Long to short hair makeover
Hair by Sam Kane Hair in Boston – View on Instagram

This long to short makeover is awesome. Simple long hair transformed into a fashionable short pixie. We love the result! This short hairstyle really suits her face better than her long hair. Just look at her beautiful jaw line. It was a shame to hide it behind a mass of hair. This is a pixie that works great with her elegant long neck!

Woman cutting all her hair off
Hair by Emma Louise Haley in London – View on Instagram

When you meet a woman with hair this long then you can hardly imagine that she would ever cut it all off. Long hair can be a vicious circle and it can be difficult to break out of it. Sometimes drastic measures are needed and this is exactly what this lady did. She looks so much better with short hair and side bangs! Note how much better her collared blouse looks paired with the pixie.