How to Wear Shorts in Winter

In this video fashion stylist Dawn Del Ruso shows us how to wear shorts in winter.

She chooses black leather shorts that are a little bit wider. She avoids shorts that are too fitting because they are not really suitable to wear at work. Her shorts are high waisted and pleated. The high waist makes them look perfect with any type of top.

Dawn wears her shorts with a loose top, a satin collared button down blouse. The top is not too fitting, not too tight and thus not too revealing. Her silky lavender color silky blouse fits nicely into the leather high waisted short.

To make the shorts work for the winter time she added a pair of patterned tights. Finally she added high heeled lavender color suede shoes. The shoes match perfectly with the top. The high shoes make the shorts look even shorter.

The look proves how easy it is to wear shorts in the winter. It is a trendy style and not everyone might feel comfortable with it.