How to Wear Glasses with Big Bold Frames

Glasses with a big frame

A Sight for Four Eyes: Big Bold Frames

The trend in eyewear for the current season has moved toward bigger bolder frames. These usually take the form of dark materials – black acrylic and lacquered finishes, or tortoiseshell looks – replacing the previous trend towards lighter, thinner metallic frames that tended to blend into the features.

This is eyewear as fashion accessory, and in that sense we need to keep things in perspective and follow the rules of any other accessory and style. The important thing is balance. Choose a frame size based on your physical build. Those who are petite need to stick with frames that are in the smaller end of the spectrum, while those individuals who have larger body frames, can support larger framed glasses.

The next factor is the facial features. When you have small delicate features, you need to make certain that your glasses aren’t going to dominate your face. This isn’t a matter of a superhero needing to protect his or her secret identity by buying eyeglasses that are so distracting that you would never notice that the two people are really the same.

Furthermore, there is the matter of coloring. Your skin tone and hair color are going to be important factors in what looks best on your face. If you have olive skin and dark hair, you could more easily support heavy black frames than if you have pale blonde hair and fair skin (or were a redhead with freckles).

Finally, you also have to consider the shape of your face as you select your eyewear. It’s nice to try and keep current with the trends of the day, but you must bear in mind that the shape of the frames you select must compliment your face’s shape. If you have a wide forehead and squared jaw line, selecting frames with angular corners or horizontal focus will only result in making your face appear more angular.

Conversely, those who have moon-shaped faces must avoid glasses with rounded frames lest they make themselves appear heavier than they actually are. The effect of the bolder frames increases the enhancement created by the shape of the frames in conjunction with the shape of the face.

So you see, you can keep current with trends in eyewear fashion, but make sure you keep your choices in balance with your needs.

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