How to Cut and Style a Pixie with Bangs – Ariana Look

The Ariana look by stylist Claudio Lazo for Wella Professionals is a pixie hairstyle for a woman who wants to make a personal statement with a punk rock vibe. The cut features jagged texture and volume at the top of the head and long side-swept bangs.

Claudio used Wella Perfect Setting to create the base. For the texture he used Wella Grip Cream. The cream gives shape and helps to manipulate the hair. The finished look is new-vogue punk. A wearable modern pixie with a long fringe and some length in the neck zone.


Learn How to Color, Cut and Style this Pixie

Before pixie cut

A. Products

Wella Body Crafter
Wella Thermal Image
Wella Rugged Fix

Color A = Koleston Perfect 4/77 + 6%
Color B = Magma /39 + 9%
Color C = Color Touch 7/43 + 1,9%

Sectioning clips, brush,
Sahira Color blow-dryer

B. Hair Coloring

Step 1
For a fluid color effect the hair is sectioned from the top of the head in a triangle and an almond shaped section is taken out at the crown.

Hair sectioned in a triangle before coloring

Step 2
The surrounding area, the almond section and all roots are colored with formula a. The top section is colored in foils alternate with formula a + b in an irregular zig-zag.
Rinse out, neutralize and tone the top section in formula c.

Hair coloring in foils

C. Hair Cutting

Step 1
Reduce the volume on the back and sides.
Part the hair in a horse shoe shape and start at the center back cutting a flat layer
90° from the head. Continue taking vertical sections to the sides.

Reduce the volume of the hair

Step 2
Texturize the top. Create a new guideline, starting slightly shorter at the crown and cut the line longer towards the front. Disconnected to the sides.

Slice hair to texturize it

Step 3
Personalize the top section and end with the fringe and the hairlines.

Personalize the hairD. Hair Styling

Preparation: Remove excess moisture, apply the right amount of Wella Body Crafter and distribute it very evenly.

Step 1
Use a Denman style brush to create a slight bend in the hair, starting at the nape area. To tame unruly hairlines use a comb on wet hair to spot-dry hair going in the opposite direction of the hair growth. After, use Wella Body Crafter on your finger tips and gently shake through the area to create natural texture and hold.

Create a slight bend in the hair

Step 2
Once the back is dry, move to the sides and, finally, the front. To create smooth head hugging shapes on shorter hairstyles, use the brush and wrap the hair around the head in a clockwise direction. Alternate in a counter- clockwise direction pushing the hair back and forth. Move to the top of the head and wrap dry by moving left to right in the direction of the natural hair growth.

Dry the sides of the hair

Step 3
Make the hair straight and clean with the blow dryer. Only “polish” with the Wella Professionals Style – don’t straighten! Start at the hairline and finish at the crown. Don’t iron the hair that is already ironed flat. Always use the iron with a comb and Wella Thermal Image Distribute a thin layer of Wella Rugged Fix and finish the style.

Make the hair straight
E. Finished Pixie Look
Styling a pixie
Pixie cut with long bangs
Side view of a pixie with longer neck hair
Brunette pixie