Hair Trends 2016 – Happiness by Intercoiffure

Magical moment: HAPPINESS! A feeling of euphoria, well-being, joy, pleasure, laugh.
Happiness is an infinite positive energy which motivates and generates creativity. The new Collection by Intercoiffure Mondial is called “HAPPINESS” and celebrates joy of life through four trend looks: Pure Bliss, Social Butterfly, Inspire and 7th heaven.

“HAPPINESS” is a hair trend forecast for 2016 and reveals various forms of happiness in terms of fashion. The pixie Pop Art style shines in red fire and short haircuts in blond dip-dyed in pink will radiate. High chignons and glamorous bee’s nests celebrate romanticism.

“HAPPINESS” is attractive and fancies life. Even Karl Lagerfeld, fashion icon, explains that happiness made him get in the fashion world making the pop poet-singer of “Happy” Pharrell Williams pause for Chanel. This is a fact: happy people seize any random opportunity to achieve big things. They are radiant, listening to the others, they have dreams, are serene, emancipated, and often offer till a piece of their heart. Welcome in the world of “HAPPINESS”!

Four looks: Happiness creates beauty. The stylists know how to make people happy with excellent haircuts and perfect colors. “HAPPINESS”, Intercoiffure Mondial’s Trend News 2016, is dedicated to the art of being happy and reveals joyful, frivolous and astonishing looks.

The Pure Bliss trend presents pop-rock princesses: young and cheeky with splendid shades of pink for a happy ending. Social Butterfly, is a street style fashion with rainbow colors and short haircuts in red and creased texture. The Inspire trend associates up-dos of a futuristic charm to metallic hair accessories in an eclectic way. 7th heaven is a romantic trip into fashion of the sixties with ravishing bride’s styles – playful, seducing, innovating. “HAPPINESS”: a 100% positive.

Pure Bliss: The world of hairdressing shines in shades of pink and fuchsia, amidst blond: short, eccentric and frivolous cuts in a Pop-Art style, with soft contours and an unstructured texture. On the other hand, a renewal of the 70’s with layered fringes. Bangs are back! Pure Bliss is a joyful, young and easy street style. A little wild but delicate and feminine. “La vie en rose” does exist: a paradise in pastel for the happy girls.

Short hairstyle with bangs for 2016

Short haircut with layered bangsPixie cut with bangs for 2016Social Butterfly: Intense, expressive and happy hair! Redheads in a bright copper red with beautiful shades of mahogany.Red is seductive and destined to beauty girls passionately in love with life and that take it the good way. No other color better expresses sensuality and passion.

The Social Butterfly looks are non conformist and original: short, graphical and asymmetrical with rebellious streaks for special effects. The “HAPPINESS” philosophy: ”if you look around you and stop for a moment, you see how life is exciting”.

Short red hair with angled bangs

Short hairstyle with razor cutting for 2016

Short hair with choppy cutting for 2016Inspire: Bright as a start at night. It’s time to shine! These wonderful creations seem to be born in a futuristic fashion galaxy. Sculptural or plaited hairdos pinned with silver and golden accessories turn the Inspire looks into glamorous gala looks: total nostalgia of the divas, sometimes with an Asian touch. Color trends: blond desert sand and pyroclastic black cloud. High eccentric chignons for the Star Wars heroines and emancipated cosmic girls.

Long braided hair for 2016

Modern updo

Hair in a beautiful updo for 2016

Contemporary up style for sleek hair7th Heaven: The 7th heaven styles are joyful, poetic and fantastic: delicate updos, spectacular bee’s nest chignons and avant-garde light and airy plaits. These elegant bridal looks are staging femininity, with dreamy creations of hair and retro rolled chignons declined under new forms. Beautifully nostalgic, with infinite happiness perspectives. The styles of 7th heaven have a symbolic strength and are a matter of heart: wonderfully romantic and intertwined.

Chignon hairstyle for 2016Beautiful hair in a semi up styleBidal hair for 2016Photos by Intercoiffure Mondial

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