Hair Transformations – Lina’s Hair

We selected some interesting episodes of Lina’s Hair, a television program aired by Mediaset’s LA5. Lina has only one thing on her mind: take care of hair and make it look beautiful. With her skills, a bit of glamor and the help of her assistant Diego she helps women who wish to change their look. In the program you will see makeovers that involve cutting of the hair, but also non-permanent transformations with up-styling.

1. Long to curly bob makeover for a busy woman

Lina helps a busy woman to find a new and comfortable hairstyle. The before and after images show her beautiful transformation from long hair to a curly chin length bob. The new shorter hair length looks more professional and it brightens up her look. Around the chin is a good hair length for many women. It’s not too short nor too long and it’s stylish.

long to curly bob hair makeover

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2. Hair transformation with a perm

Shiny straight hair can be attractive, but sometimes people get tired of their straight hair and find it boring. A perm is a good solution then. It lets you go from straight to curly in no time. This makeover guest decides to go for it. Her dark and straight shoulder length hair is permed and transformed into a glamorous hairdo with lots of spiraling curls.

hair makeover with a perm

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3. Cutting all her hair off

This lady wants a new look to begin a new life. When watching the before conversation nobody can guess what she will look like a few moments later. Long hair drapes over her shoulders and it reaches the middle of her back. And then … she decides to cut all her hair off. Without hesitation and with a mysterious smile on her face she goes to sit on the hairdresser’s chair, know that soon the scissors will slide through her long hair and transform her into a modern pixie chick. The result of the haircut is amazing and very refreshing!

cutting all her hair off

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4. Victoria Beckham inspired angled bob

This long to collar length hair makeover is inspired by Victoria Beckham‘s angled bob. Her inverted hairstyle was a rage among women and the cut is still very popular. Some hairdressers call this awesome hairstyle a “pob” and you can have this angular bob cut in different lengths. Some opt to keep it safe and long and others go all the way and get their hair cut really short. Victoria Beckham had it in different lengths. Lisa’s guest goes for the safe option and the stylist cuts it to a nice collar length.

angled bob - angular haircut

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5. Hairstyle for thin hair

This makeover guest is not happy with her thin long hair. It looks unhealthy and it is difficult to maintain. The best option is a short haircut and that is exactly what happens. The long hair comes off and she seems quite happy with her new look. Her new hair is short, but not pixie short. Her ears are still covered and the graduated back gives the hairstyle a fun an preppy appeal.

hairstyles for short hair

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