Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Long to pixie makeover by hairdresser Rudolph from Amsterdam.

In this video we see a phenomenal transformation where the stylist literally changes the way that this model looks, by merely cutting her long hair into a chic pixie cut. Going from long hair to a pixie cut can be daunting, and should only be done if you’re 100% sure that you’re ready for it.

But you can be rest assured that if you choose an experienced and talented hairdresser, this kind of total makeover will give your appearance and outlook on style a complete overhaul. If change is as good as a holiday, this cut will be the equivalent of a year in the Maldives!

When the model walks onto the stage, her unstyled, long hair can be described only as non-descript or dreadfully ordinary. It’s also quite obvious that she’s a little nervous yet excited to take the plunge from long hair to short. Of course, it is totally normal to feel nervous before making any drastic change, especially something as “public” as you hairstyle.

The stylist firstly cuts off the bulk of the length, and starts creating his style from hair that is just below the hairline at the neck. Even at this early stage of the haircut, you can see that the change is going to be mind blowing.

Once the bulk is off, the stylist thins out the hair at the back, below the occipital bone. When he’s satisfied with the density and shape, he shaves the section just above the nape of the neck with salon clippers to create an undercut. You’ll see a lot of creative or demonstrative short hairstyles done in this fashion.

Scissors over comb hair cutting

The stylist then proceeds to shape the sides of the style with his razor blade. This is really a technique that is habitual among seasoned and very confident hairdressers. A razor blade gives a supremely texturized and completely tailored result when used by a competent and experienced stylist. Yet it can be disastrous in the hands of an inexperienced hairdresser.

The hairline is razor cut in such a way that it frames the model’s face in soft tresses, while her wispy fringe and sides complement her facial shape and features beautifully. Her ears are still partially covered with wispy tresses, while her bangs fall in a jagged line above her eyebrows.

Long to pixie makeover

The final product is nothing short of breathtaking. The model’s uniform red outfit and simple black shoes also create the perfect backdrop to show off the warm brown pixie cut as the colors complement each other and her pale complexion, while the fashionably low key attire doesn’t detract attention from the hairstyle.

When the stylist is finished with her, her hair is absolutely attention grabbing. It’s hard to imagine this to be the same woman that walked onto the stage in the beginning of the video. Note how her whole appearance has changed from ordinary to the point of being almost transparent, to cutting edge European chic.