Hair Makeover Videos

Cristina Chiabotto’s ponytail to pixie makeover for Tagliati X il Successo and Screen Brands. Screen Haircare transforms Cristina’s ponytail look into a much shorter pixie cut. A young and dynamic style that enhances her natural beauty.

A beautiful total makeover from an every day long hair with T-shirt and scarf look into a ladylike style with short hair and a beautiful blouse. We love the pretty textured bangs!

Beautiful hair makeovers for 2 sisters. The lady wearing glasses gets her already rather short cut into a pixie with bangs. Her sister takes the plunge from long hair to a short bob.

Brazilian presenter Cátia Fonseca gets her shoulder length hair cut into a slightly angled bob, live on TV!

Makeovers from long hair into shoulder length and a chin length bob.

Long to short makeover for curly hair.

Long to pixie makeover, live on television!