Hair Chameleon Karine Vanasse

Canadian actress Karine Vanasse changed her hair frequently the last few years. She went from long to pixie short, to a bob and then back to shoulder length. The below videos will give you an idea of her hair changes.

Brunette Karine Vanasse with bangs and wearing her long hair in an updo.

Karine Vanasse wearing a silk shirt

Karine wearing her hair short in a pixie with side swept bangs. Her hair was tinted with shades of copper.

Karine Vanasse pixie cut

Karine Vanasse’s short hairstyle with layers and side swept bangs. One side is tucked behind her ear.

Short hairstyles - Karine Vanasse

Karine is wearing her hair in a slightly messy bob with layers and side bangs. The length of her hair and her turtleneck top are a perfect combination!

Karine Vanasse with her hair in a bob

Karine Vanasse’s hair has grown out quite a bit and she is wearing it in a shoulder length style with tapered sides. Her is is smooth and styled perfectly straight.

Shoulder length hair with tapered sides