Hair and Beauty 2010

Hair trends

Around 104,000 trade visitors from 142 countries attended the trade-fair quartet of Paperworld, Christmasworld, Beautyworld and Hair and Beauty from 30 January to 2 February 2010. This means that, despite the unpleasant weather conditions, around 4,000 more buyers made their way to Frankfurt am Main than the year before. Every second visitor came from outside Germany. The top five visitor nations after Germany were Italy, France, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Switzerland. Representing the paper, office supplies and stationery, festive decorations, beauty and cosmetics and the hair-cosmetic industry, a total of 3,438 exhibitors from 67 countries made presentations at the four events.

“We are delighted that the four consumer-goods fairs have once again been able to provide an optimistic start to the business year for the sectors taking part. The economic crisis was much less present. The trade and industry are becoming more sanguine and their ideas are more and more creative. And this was to be seen clearly at all four events: on the exhibitor side with lots of innovative and new products; on the visitor side through the numbers taking part and a healthy curiosity about everything that could increase the upwards trend”, says Dr. Michael Peters, Member of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt GmbH, sketching the course of business at the four consumer-goods fairs.

In the case of hairdressers, innovativeness is part of their business as is, therefore, continuously trying out new products: “In view of the current weather, the number of visitors to Hair and Beauty is amazing. However, it is also an indication of the enormous demand for further training and confirms the need for the fair”, says Rainer Röhr, General Manager of the Central Association of the German Hairdressing Trade (Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseur­hand­werks), partner and notional sponsor of Hair and Beauty. The hair-cosmetic industry also sees developments in a positive light: “Our first reaction is that we are very pleased with Hair and Beauty. We were easily able to achieve our primary goal of making contact to hair­dressers and have had a significant impact”, says Dr. Rüdiger Gottschalk, General Manager, Salon Professional / Wella.

Male hairstylesModern bob cut at chin lengthHair styling with perm rodsHair and Beauty, Trade Fair for the Hair Cosmetic Industry and Hairdressing Trade, truly became the ‘Home of the Hairdresser’ in 2010, as shown by the significant growth not only in terms of exhibitor and visitor numbers but also exhibition space. This year, Hair and Beauty jumped from 106 to 131 exhibitors and from 2,591 to 4,132 square metres (net). Many important companies, such as Wella, L´Oréal, Paul Mitchell, Glynt and Balmain, gathered at the fair, some of them after an absence of a year or two. At the same time, the number of visitors rose from 16,868 to 18,261 – 14 percent of them from outside Germany. “We can safely assume that, if the weather had been better, the increase would have been even greater”, said an enthusiastic Michael Peters.

“This Hair and Beauty was definitely much better. The organisers deserve a big compliment for getting Hair and Beauty back on track. The increase in the hair-cosmetic segment is an important attraction that will result in more customers,” said Stephanie Karla Froux, Marketing Manager, International, Olymp GmbH & Co KG.

The new, target-group oriented concept with three areas and stages for Youngsters, Talents and Professionals was also given a warm reception. In this connection, Reinhold Wild, Chairman of the Board of Management of Wild Beauty AG, said, “The three stages, which we were able to use as supplementary areas, were very welcome. Moreover, the standard of the fair was raised by the split into two sections, wholesale / purchasing and hair cosmetics, on two different floors.”

Trends at Hair and Beauty

This year, on the one hand the hairdressing sector is promoting an ultra-natural, authentic sexy mummy look for women and, on the other, an extremely artificial pop style. ‘Shake and go’ bobs are in demand. You can shake them into shape when you get out of bed; they stay in place and need hardly any attention or styling products. The latest bob is part of this trend, a basic cut which in 2010, is happily worn wavy, heavily layered or asymmetrically, with long XXL ponytails. The back of the hair, on the other hand, rises higher and higher and falls voluminously to form a beautiful silhouette. Blond, especially white and platinum blond, often with cool metallic and silver highlights, is still popular with all stylists. A shock of blond hair is happy to play around in pale pink.

Short hairstyle for womenHair extensions application on stageThe detail-loving Japanese cult, (Visual Kei and Gothic Lolita) which deliberately plays around with exaggeration, has totally arrived on our heads. Any hair extensions that are used are in every colour of the rainbow: corn poppy red and cool blue on blond hair and gold, bronze and copper strands for brunettes. The B-52 cut, hair piece art à la Amy Winehouse, is now worn as windswept as possible. And those with insufficient volume of their own can get help from clip-on plaits, hair pieces and volumizers. The Gothic trend builds on the trendy vampire theme from films and literature. If you go for a black hair tint, then blue black with a pale complexion please.

The men go along with this – an ultra slim silhouette is crowned with a thick dark blond to dark shock of hair. The hair on the top of head is kept long and intentionally untidy worn in an outta-bed style and piled high into a voluminous rockabilly quiff for the brave. The sides and nape of the neck are precision-cut, fashionably short and sideburns stay discreet.

Whether grey decolorizer, fake hair or volumizers will gain a foothold remains to be seen. As for the women, the following applies: either natural accentuation through and through or stage-ready, rock-style exaggeration, to suit your taste, daily routine and work schedule.

Long blonde hairPhotos: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition / Jean-Luc Valentin