Get Rid of Static Hair

Static Hair

With the thermometer falling fast for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is approaching and with the drop in temperatures comes the rise in static electricity. Dry air, knit fibers, and carpeted floors all combine to turn many of us into little static generators. And as much fun as it may be to be able to walk up and “zap” a companion with a little static charge, for some, static is a hair-raising experience that can be done without.

Of course, static problems are often caused by damaged hair, which is very porous and often very dry. Because of this, it’s doubly important to carefully condition the hair every day during the winter months. Here are some other tips to prevent and combat static during the winter:

  1. Use a brush containing natural fiber bristles. A natural bristle brush is healthier for the hair than one with plastic or metal bristles. Natural bristle brushes help distribute oil from the scalp along the hair shaft, which offers natural protection against static and moisture loss.
  1. Use an Ionic Hair Dryer to help prevent static build-up while drying the hair. Ionic dryers also reduce drying times, and expose the hair to less heat, which makes them less damaging to the hair.
  1. Use lightweight products on the hair to seal in moisture and coat the hair to protect against static build-up. Very light products containing silicone or fruit oils can help reduce the risk of static build up in the hair, as well as helping seal in moisture.
  1. Scarves are your friend. Use a silk scarf between your hair and any headgear you may need to wear in winter, so that you prevent friction between the headgear and your hair. The friction is how the static builds up, and silk is frictionless.

These simple tips can save you time and trouble when it comes to winter hair care. Just remember, the easiest way to get rid of static in the hair is to make sure you prevent it from forming.