Finalists for Top Hairdressing Competition Announced

Gold and hair color

The finalists for the 2008 L’Oreal Colour Trophy Awards will come together in August to recreate their previously-submitted photographic entries live before a panel of judges. The country’s top 20 hairdressers will unmask their visions for the future of hair fashion. In addition to the 20 individual finalists, there are six salon teams that are vying for the title of “Salon of the Year”.

hairstyle hairstyle And this year, for the first time, New Zealanders get to have a say on their favorite style by voting for the People’s Choice Awards via (All finalists are eligible for this award.)

The finalists submit a photographic entry and the pictures are sent to Paris for preliminary judging by six top Haute Coiffure Française stylists. An independent adjudicator then determines the finalists in each category and they are then brought to Auckland for the live judging in front of a panel of three international judges.

hairstyle with a short neckline
Drama makes headlines with earth brown hair overlaid with light blonde and brown layers. Tailored straight lines demonstrate the artistic blunt edging with longer layers above and over the brows, a short neckline, rounded crown and excess hair combed away from the ears. A light styling lotion and gloss will aid with this style.

This year’s judges are UK-based Guy Kremer, South Africa’s Terence Jansen Van Vuuren and Caterina DiBiase of Australia. They have been instructed to look for stylists who “create beautiful hair, demonstrate a superb attention-grabbing cut, inspired hair styling and finish and an overall look of fashion and makeup”.

The live finals competition takes place at Auckland’s Aotea Centre on Saturday, August 2. The Awards event attracts huge interest and is attended by more than 1,000 hairdressers, celebrities and VIPs. This year’s hosts are television personality Petra Bagust and radio personality Peter Urlich.

Winners of the competition get national and international recognition via media exposure that will increase their profile in the industry and allow them to achieve even more. The L’Oreal Colour Trophy Awards are now held every two years and have been previously presented in New Zealand 13 times.