Eva Longoria’s New Short Hair

Eva Longoria with short hair

“Desperate Housewives” star, Eva Longoria, has been seen without the long flowing tresses that have been her signature look for the last several years. She’s now sporting a snazzy asymmetrical bob, reportedly for her role as Gabrielle Solis. When the season ended last May, “Desperate Housewives” had jumped five years into the future, and Gabby (Longoria’s character) had become a disheveled, exhausted mom of two toddlers, and needed a logical change of hairstyle.

According to reports, Longoria’s husband Tony Parker did the honors, wielding the scissors and lopping off her long hair. However, not willing to leave everything into her husband’s hands, she had celebrity stylist Ken Paves on hand to finish the deed, transforming Longoria’s husband-shorn hair into a perky new bob with lots of bounce. Longoria has been quoted as saying: “Tony cut my hair. Ken fixed it. He set it up for Tony and said, ‘You do the first cut. I don’t want her to be mad if she hates it’.”

Eva Longoria's before and after her makeover
Eva Longoria’s before and after her makeover

Longoria’s new short hair is flattering for the star. Her oval face makes her suited to wear virtually any style but the soft layering and razor texture at the bottom portion of the style serve to beautifully frame the actress’ face while the base length and fringe layers draw attention to her smoldering eyes and cupid’s bow mouth. It’s a look that suits her.

The normally lean-and-mean actress has also reportedly been enjoying some dietary freedom. She’s been quoted as saying that she’s gaining weight for her role as well, since her character now is supposed to sport a larger frame. The actress says that she’s enjoyed being able to let loose and enjoy some of her favorite foods with less inhibition.

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