Detto Fatto Hair Makeovers – September 2015

The Italian RAI2 TV show Detto Fatto is very well known for the many beautiful makeovers. Hair, fashion and true Italian stylishness are a perfect mix for beautiful looks! Below are some of the beautiful makeovers featured in September 2015.

September 7th – Four hair makeovers

One full makeover with new outfit and a medium length to short hair transformation. In the mean time 3 ladies get a new hairstyle. Each haircut takes only … 90 seconds!

hair makeoversClick here to watch the video

September 8th – Long to stylish above the shoulders hair makeovers

One moment you still have boring long hair, then you win a makeover and the stylist takes you to the chair. Before you realize your long hair is transformed into a stylish just above the shoulder cut with a stunning red color. The result of this full makeover is a very elegant look!

long to medium length hair makeoverClick here to watch the video

September 10th – Three long to bob hair makeovers

A presenter wearing her hair in a fashionable bob and then three long to bob makeovers in one TV show. This is too much to be true! Is anyone still having doubts about how much bobs are in fashion these days?

long to bob hair makeoversClick here to watch the video

September 14th – Long to short hair makeover

Two candidates for a makeover (cambio look in Italian) and one nervous winner. One moment this young lady has long hair and about an hour later she’s the proud owner of a short and trendy asymmetrical hairstyle with a graduated back. This is a very radical makeover, but we love the result.

long to short hair makeover

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September 17th – Long hair to pixie makeover

The young lady who lost the September 14th makeover contest took part again 3 days later and she won. It’s her turn to go for the chop now and the verdict is a pixie! She looks absolutely stunning and much prettier than with long hair. The pixie has layers, side bangs and trendy asymmetrical elements.

long hair to pixie makeover

In the same episode hairdresser Stefano Bonomi demonstrates the cutting of two variations of this season’s must have: short hair! two fast and beautiful long to short hair makeovers. A lot of hair is sliding down the blue smooth nylon capes and hitting the floor. This is the perfect moment to cut your long hair off because very soon short hair will be “it” again!

long to short hair makeovers

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