Detto Fatto Hair Makeovers – July 2014

The Italian RAI2 TV show Detto Fatto is very well known for the many beautiful makeovers. Hair, fashion and true Italian stylishness are a perfect mix for beautiful looks! Below are some of the beautiful makeovers featured in July 2014.

July 3rd – Long hair to pixie makeover

An amazing transformation from long hair into a fashionable pixie cut. The pixie features long side swept bangs and asymmetrical elements.

long hair to pixie makeover

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July 7th – Chopped short and bleached

This makeover candidate’s before look is not too bad: above the shoulder length hair and bangs. It’s a classic everyday look and many women are sporting it. One would expect that the hairdresser would cut the bob a bit shorter, maybe to chin length, and thin out the bangs. This didn’t happen though. He chopped her hair off and bleached it. Her new look is a very trendy pixie with longer textured neck hair and textured bangs. Paired with a short and shimmery off-the-shoulder dress it makes a unique and stunning look!

hair chopped short and bleached

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July 8th – Going blonde and pixie short

Today’s makeover guest is a young brunette who is already wearing her hair in a contemporary angled bob. Nice and cut well above the shoulders. She knows that often “less is more” and we’re not surprised to see the same trend in her after look. The hairdresser snips her hair off and transforms the bob in a cute pixie. He gives her a new blonde hair color as well. This pixie is a very wearable hairstyle that would suit many women. We love it!

going blonde and pixie makeover

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July 14th – Shoulder length to pixie makeover

This older lady already has a nice youthful look with her shoulder length brown hair and wearing jeans and an unfolded turtleneck with a matching cardigan. But, she wants something new and she’s ready to make the chop. Shortly after the “before” conversation her locks drop on the cape and slide to the floor. She gets her hair colored in a warm red shade and the stylist cuts it into a stylish pixie with long bangs.

turtleneck and pixie hair makeover

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July 15th – Exciting long to short makeover for curly hair

When you are open minded and ready for something new, then drastic long to short hair makeovers can be very exciting. One moment you have long hair lying on your shoulders and back and a few minutes later it’s snipped off and all over the cape and floor. This woman seems to enjoy her hair transformation to the fullest and we love her new fresh look!

exciting long to short hair makeover

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July 29th – Facing the clippers

What is shorter than a pixie? Right … clipper cut short hair! In about 10 minutes this brave woman goes from long hair to millimeter length and buzzed allover with a shaved pattern in her nape. Her new super short hair is beautiful, unique and actually looks better than her long hair!

woman facing the clippers

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