15 angled bobs

15 beautiful angled bobs you will love. Featuring steep, very steep and not so steep cutting lines. Enjoy!

Short angled bobs - Layers

This very stylish and sophisticated short bob features layers and a very short neck section. The cutting line is very contemporary and angled. The hair color is a beautiful reddish brown. Hair by Hair Forum.

Angled bobs - Brown hair with highlights

A fun short and steeply angled bob with highlights. The hair in front is well below chin length and the back is nice and short to keep your neck cool in summer. Hair by Hedkandi.

Angled bobs - Bob with a shorter back

A brunette bob with a shorter back.  Straight hair  without layers for a modern look with lots of movement in the hair. Medium length hair in front and short at the back thanks to the angled cutting line. Hair by Sin 7 Salon.

Angled bobs - Short and sleek

Short, sleek and beautiful! An angled bob with a rounded cutting and styling at the back. The hair in front is a couple of inches below chin length. Hair by The Chair Salon.

Angled bobs - Chin length

A chin-length angled bob with a beautiful cutting line. Very stylish and suitable for all ages! Brown hair with highlights. Hair by Bcolorific.

Angled bobs - Trendy and paired with a turtleneck

A trendy angled bob, beautifully paired with a turtleneck. The brown hair was colored and styled for a smooth and shiny appearance. Hair by Curio Hair + Body.

Angled bobs - Above the collar haircut

Smooth, fashionable and just above the collar. An attractive and up-to-date angled bob for women who prefer to wear their hair short. Brown hair with highlights. Hair by Bella Tresse Salon.

Angled bobs - Chin length hair

Angled bobs look at their best when paired with the collar of a blouse or shirt. This is a great example of such combination. The almost chin length hair was cut short and well above the collar at the back. Hair by Kristen at Palazzo Salon & Spa.

Angled bobs - Very steep with bangs

Very steep and very special! You might need some courage to get your hair like this, but the result is very rewarding! The angled sides are very steep and the bangs sharp and cut straight across. Hair by Aqua-Marine.

Angled bobs - Long and very steep

This sleek angled bob will elongate your face. The cutting line is very steep, just above the collar at the back and fairly long in front. The hair color is a gorgeous red. This is a haircut for the brave and fashion minded! Hair by Lanza Irkutsk.

Angled bobs - Styling for festive occasions

This variation on the angled bob is very cute and a good idea for special occasions. The hair at the front frames the face and the back is styled with outward flips for a festive appearance. Hair by Salon Krasoty.

Angled bobs - Bob for a long neck

The perfect bob to accentuate a long swanlike neck. The hair was cut short at the back, with few layers. The cutting line at the sides is slightly angled and the front hair is at chin length. Hair by Olga Potnova.

Angled bobs for women of all ages

There is an angled bob for women of all ages. This version is only slightly angled, with a few layers at the back. This haircut features bangs that cover the eyebrows. The hair color is a shiny brown with highlights. Hair by Salon Creme.

Angled bobs - Smooth and fashionable

Chic, smooth and fashionable! An angled bob with a steep cutting line. There are no visible layers and this makes the hair so smooth and almost liquid! Hair by El Gato.

Angled Bobs - Very short with layers

A super short angled bob, almost a pixie. The ears are barely covered and the nape section was cut super short. There are plenty of layers and the front was cut a little longer than lip length. Hair by Persona Lab.

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