10 New Pixie Cuts

Pixie cut to stand out from the crowd

This is a pixie cut with enough attitude to make you stand out from the crowd. It is not a hairstyle anyone can rock, because of the unique blonde hair color with greenish bleu streaks. The cut however fresh and low maintenance. Long side bangs make it very versatile. Hair by Muah Studio.

Long pixie haircut with side bangs

This long pixie haircut is amazing! The long side swept bangs add a fun and dynamic element. The hair is layered and kept longer at the sides, to allow you to style it behind your ears when you feel like doing so. An elegant style with much versatility, for women of all ages! Hair by Justin Dillaha at The Standard Hair Studio.

Pixie haircut with highlights

This edgy short pixie haircut might be just what you need to spice up your look! There’s extra length on the top with layers for styling versatility. The nape section was cut with clippers or a scissors over comb technique. The hair color is a beautiful brown with a reddish hue. Hair by Summer Davis at Finale Hair.

Pixie cut that makes you look younger

A pixie cut that will make you look younger. Nice and short around the ears and in the sideburns section and layered allover. The bangs are long enough to cover your eyebrows. The real star of this look is the three-dimensional hair coloring with highlights! Hair by IBernardoni Consulenti d’Immagine.

Undercut pixie haircut

An undercut pixie with lots of texture, especially in the back. A lot of women like this cut and similar short haircuts because it is so very maintenance friendly. Very easy to style in the morning and the cut makes your hair fall into place almost by itself.  Hair by Jordan at Keema Salon.

Pixie with buzzcut short sides and nape

This new pixie cut is absolutely gorgeous. Boyishly short and still so very cute and feminine! The back and sides are buzzcut short. The top hair is kept longer and layered. This very short hairstyle is a perfect choice when you want to expose a swan like neck and beautiful ears. Hair by Denise at Retro Hair.

Pixie with a graduated neckline

Very cut and very stylish. A not too short pixie cut with longer top hair, layers and a beautifully graduated neckline. Half of the ears are covered.  The hair color is an attractive coppery red. Hair by Lincoln hair Design.

Pixie haircut with very short back and sides

Do you need inspiration of a new and exciting pixie? Maybe something a little eccentric? This hairstyle might be exactly what you’re looking for. The back and sides are very short, but the top hair was kept longer for styling versatility. Hair by Coutney at Xcentric Hair Studio.

Traditional pixie cut

A tradiotional and very elegant version of the pixie cut. The bangs are long, thinned out and swpt to the side for a dynamic appeal. Cut around the ears, but ith a little extra length at the back. This short haircut is very suitable for a professional environment. Hair by Elle Hall.

Low maintenance pixie hair

A very comfortable and low maintenance pixie cut for ginger hair. A wash and go style that you will absolutely love! The hair is layered allover. The bangs are supper short and slightly jagged. Hair by Moses at Bang Seattle.

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